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We choose colors throughout our day, either by picking out our outfit or by choosing a color-paint for our home. We Subconsciously choose colors that our body needs. Choosing the right color sweater or wallpaper can change our entire mood and the atmosphere that we live in. Certain events have traditional colors and inspire certain feelings, like black being worn at funerals to signify the sorrow for the loss of a loved one, or a bride wearing white to signify the purity of the day and a new beginning, or traditional red at Christmas.

Energetic patterns can be altered through colors, crystals, and natual stones. By wearing a particular color bracelet or stone, we can gently and efficiently aid our bodies to change personality traits that we no longer like, break old patterns that no longer serve us, and even help our finances. All can be achieved through Ajna Jewelry.

By wearing Ajna Jewelry, you can heal through the color that you pick or that is diagnosed for you. That piece of jewelry then helps realign the color that your body needs to adjust. If a particular color catches your eye, or you feel drawn to a particular color or color combination, your body wants and needs that color adjustment. Just put on your jewelry and watch how many changes occur.

Ajna Jewelry is made with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. Because crystals absorb all forms of energy, Ajna Jewelry is cleared of any negative and/or toxic energy through several processes such as saging, Essences of Aurasoma, and vibrational tuning.

If an adjustment breaks, be very happy. This adjustment has absorbed the negative energy around you. Think of what is going on in your life and try to figure out what the "hit" was from. Thank your adjustment, rejoice, and try to collect your beads so that we can restring them for you!
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