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Making the decision to allow the healing effects of Feng Shui be a catalyst to help change your life, is one that will begin you on an exciting adventure. Through our use of Feng Shui techniques and principles, you will begin the process of transforming and healing current life challenges that many of us face.

Feng Shui is an ancient art of harnessing the energy in our environment and then directing and radiating that energy in ways that enhance our lives - whether your challenge is finances, health, relationships, career, personal and/or business matters, many childhood developmental issues (ADD/ADHD), fears, phobias, addictions...FENG SHUI CAN HELP!

Each Feng Shui consultation will be personalized by choosing a variety of techniques that best suit your needs. Some tools we may use together include intuitive readings of energy patterns, in depth analysis of your current concerns and life challenges, and architectural evaluations of your home or office plan. Then the findings are analyzed to design the best and most comfortable adjustments, cures, and furniture placement for your specific needs. The goal of our work together is to use the Feng Shui process to enhance and enrich the energy around you, nourishing your Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical beings within you and your environment. The result is a feeling of enrichmnet, expansion, and clarity.

Feng Shui is a process that anyone can benefit from who is willing to be open minded. Your actions will begin and sustain the process. The following are the initial steps to begin:

1) Provide 2 copies of the floor plan of your home/office/apartment. Please provide specific details of windows, all doors and which way they open, all rooms labeled, wall protrusions, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, and a sketch of the lot.
2) Provide a biography of what is currently happening in your life and any concerns that you have. Please be open and honest. ALL INFORMATION IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL! (If the consult is for more than one person please have each person provide a biography. Parents may submit a biography pertaining to small children.)
3) 27 RED envelopes - In Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, red envelopes containing $1.00 in each are exchanged when offering Feng Shui information, cures, or advice. They can be bought or hand made.
4) Send all completed paperwork to: AJNA,1854 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, New York 10305. After all parperwork has been received you will be notified and an appointment will be scheduled. Save step 3 for after the consultation is complete.

I am grateful that you have allowed me to be part of such a wonderful part of your life's journey.

Valerie Gullo

Feng Shui Consultation fee.......................................$450.00
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